Dubai is the most important, independent commercial center of the United Arab Emirates and is considered to be an important connection between Europe and Asia. In 2005 Dubai achieved 26,5% in economic growth.  
    The attraction of the city Dubai constitutes the mixture of tradition and ultra-modern culture. The inhabitants are friendly and worldly. In the year 2005 the number of inhabitants amounted to about 1,2 million.
In the same year over 4,2 million tourists visited the city.
The number of the visitors is consistently rising and is expected
to reach over 15 million in the year 2010.
    Dubai is just a 6 hours flight away from the E.U. Enjoy your flight with ‘Emirates Airlines’ - one of the best airlines in the world. The airport is located in the centre of the city. European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter the Emirates.  
      Blue sky over white sand and the opportunity to do almost any kind of water sport, air conditioned shopping malls with all brands for sale and virtually no crime guarantee a standard of living, which is surely unique in the world.  
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