Foreign enterprises have the possibility to do trade with a trading licence in the U. A. Emirates. In addition they can create their own branch office or open up a one-man operation.  
Depending upon your business purpose the following types of a branch office/subsidiary in one of the foreign trade zones of Dubai are possible:    


Representative office supporting the parent company (market research, studies, brokerage, but no direct economic activity).

2. Subsidiary or branch(best suitable for service and consulting businesses in accordance with the licence).
In both cases 100% of the shares are held by European Union citizens or other foreigners.
3. Business partnerships and incorporated enterprises(the establishment joint of a venture with a local partner is recommended for relocation of production to Dubai: Usual are ‘Partnership’ and ‘Limited Liability Companies’).
Please note that independent business activities are not allowed in the following areas: Real estate broker, banking, oil -, gas and petro-chemical industry.    
In Dubai you do not pay any taxes as a private person and/or company!
If you, as an entrepreneur/tradesman/self-employed person, would like to know more about the possibilities how to relocate and/or expand your business activities to Dubai, please contact Mr. Kristian Nuernberg.
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