360 days of sunshine, fantastic beaches, unbelievable luxury and... your own real estate! ALL TAX FREE! Tax free living in “the 8th wonder of the world”  
Many years ago Dubai opened up to a western style of life. Foreigners now have the opportunity to participate in Dubai’s wealth and its inconceivable luxury. They are now able to purchase residential and commercial real estate. The tax rate in Dubai is 0.00 per cent! There are no taxes in Dubai!  
Our managing directors and their partners provide the experience, the knowledge and the cultural background necessary to securely purchase an exclusive property.  

Along with consulting and sales assistance of inspected vacation properties you will be supported by our team of specialists attorneys in the acquisition of investment properties, founding of companies, office transfers and establishment of manufacturing plants.

One outstanding location of properties for sale, also described as ‘Free Hold Properties’, is ‘The Palm Island’, which is already recognized as the ‘eighth wonder of the world.

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